The advantage of gfully balanced XLR-inputsh:

The advantage of such the gfully balaced designh in our AMP 3 is that we separate not only the 2 channels but also the signal to separate mains board. Therefore we ues one main board for the inverting signal (-) and one for the non-inverting (+). Each channel is build like a mono amplifier but in one housing. So each channel has its own mains inlet, transformer, power supply board and 2 mains board. Strictly separate.


This increases the sound performance because we can minimized negative effects like distrotion etc. and can improve signal-to-noise ratio to a perfect level. Under gnormalh circumstances (volume level in a living room) the AMP 3 is running in Class A. When you turn-up the volume, the AMP 3 turns over in to Class AB. Due to the high power, the speaker impedance should not be lower than 4 ohms.