If sound quality is as important as convenience, you need i-deck. Its imaginative design follows the purest acoustic principles refined over four decades by Monitor Audio’s meticulous research and development. Breakthrough technologies like our Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium(C-CAMR) alloy drivers, have endowed our globally acclaimed loudspeaker ranges with awardwinning sound, luxury aesthetics and stunning build quality. Therefore, when we design an audio system for your iPod, the same specialised know-how is applied to achieve the best listening experience available. With every new download, you’ll hear the i-deck bring music to life. 

As part of the magic of i-deck you’ll also discover a tactile and intuitive ease of use, durable precisionengineered construction, and an inspirationally compact design that looks great wherever you place it. Monitor Audio’s innovative zeal is forever at your service, because each time you plug in the i-deck, an advanced auto-EQ feature measures the room acoustics and adjusts the system’s response to deliver the best sound for room placement. It all amounts to the enjoyment of music, pure and simp 

i-deck100とi-deck200の2モデルを用意、フレキシブルなドックコネクタからiPodのデジタルオーディオアウトに対応、このi-deckの想像的なデザインは、この40年間に渡るMonitor Audioによって培われてきた最もピュアーな音の原理に従い、それは精度で設計されたC-CAM合金ドライバーのような卓越した技術を、世界中でブランド喝采が得られる構造と美的な品質として保持。

モニターオーディオは 、最も可能なオーディオ経験を達成するためにその専門的なノウハウを適用、新しいi-deckシステムはiPodからデジタルデータを抜粋して、特別なハイスピードの28/56ビットのデュアルプレシジョンDACを通して音楽に変換、DACからのよりピュアーなよりダイナミックな信号を放出するために、各i-deckには4つの高品質ドライバーを用意し、それらはカスタムトリムされたアンプによって個別に動作

From the two i-deck
models you’ll get the most
from your iPod, and your
relationship with sound



Once seen, never forgotten. There’s a powerful statement of individuality enshrined within i-deck’s curvaceous profile. A complementary mix of high quality materials conveys the spirit of luxury, yet the i-deck design offers a reassuringly weighty presence. compact and concentrated in a way that suggests the finest engineering and reliability. Its high-tech mineral-filled polymer construction offers excellent rigidity and acoustic damping - non-regular curved panels suppress internal audio reflections so you hear the smoothest, widest frequency response. For the slickest operation and convenience there’s a long-range remote-control handset; a 3.5mm auxiliary input jack for plugging-in other sound sources, including WiFi dongles for streaming uncompressed audio from a computer; a flexible dock connector, which accepts your iPod/iPhone without the need for adaptors, and an intelligent charge feature, which tops up your device with power when it’s docked. The closer you are to i-deck, the more impressive it becomes.


Great sound in every room: guaranteed!
As one of the world’s leading loudspeaker designers, we’ve long understood that the sound of a speaker is affected by the space around it. The proximity of walls and the size, shape and material make-up of the room can skew the sound away from the ‘ideal’. This means that when you adopt the ‘anywhere will do’ approach to positioning a speaker, you won’t be enjoying all the sound you’ve paid for. To get around this, Monitor Audio’s engineers have developed a secret weapon for the i-deck called Automatic Position Correction (APCR). An integrated microphone measures the total frequency response of any room and then APC compares it wit an ‘ideal’ (non-boundary) response - this is achieved automatically each time you turn on the system at the mains. Advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) then adjusts the i-deck to deliver a more naturally even performance. Whilst the i-deck sounds great at high volumes, it also benefits from Bass level management (BLM). This maintains optimum sound balance at lower listening levels, perfect for dinner parties or late night listening. With i-deck you’ll enjoy the ideal sound in any room and at any volume level.

音が部屋の影響で浪費されないように、Automatic Position Correction(APC)と呼んでいる革新的なDSPにて、部屋の均等化を実現、どのような位置にi-deckが動かされても、各i-deckに備えている内臓マイクロホンを通して、電源が入る度に、毎回ルームレスポンスを抽出して修正

Audiophile Acoustics

The i-deck design uses four drivers in two tweeter/bass driver pairs, recreating the classically audiophile two-way configuration utilised by Monitor Audio’s reference speakers, including our flagship Platinum PL100s. To generate a decisive difference in sound quality, we’ve endowed all the i-deck drivers with C-CAM alloy cones and fine-tuned their motor systems through FEA analysis for optimum efficiency. Our  low-mass, ultra rigid C-CAM cone surface radiates symmetrically at all volumes to reproduce the finest high frequency detail, beautifully resolved mid-range and taut, powerful bass. You’ll hear the entire audible spectrum redefined by the natural expression of C-CAM drivers: every nuance, every chord, every kick-drum beat in the most convincing and satisfying way possible.


Monitor Audioではスピーカーのリファレンスとして使われるオーディオマニアの2way構成を採用、i-deckデザインは、2ペアのトウィーターとバスドライバーの計4つのドライバーを使用、各ドライバーに最適なレスポンスを与えるため、専用クラスDアンプのマルチドライブ構成によって駆動。
I-DECK 100システムは、2個の30WクラスDアンプによって動かされる2つの75mmのC-CAMバスドライバーと、2個の15WクラスDアンプによって動かされる2つの19mmC-CAMゴールドドームトウィーターを使用。
I-DECK 200システムは、2個の50WクラスDアンプによって動かされる2つの100mmのC-CAMバスドライバーと、2個の25WクラスDアンプによって動かされる2つの25mmC-CAMゴールドドームトウィーターを使用
Power Play

To ensure that you have all the power when it’s needed, each i-deck tweeter and bass driver is wedded to its own customdesigned power amplifier. This technique, known in high-end audio as bi-amping, is proven to radically reduce distortion and widen the bandwidth of each driver. The four dedicated class D amps employed by each i-deck system have been over-specified to maintain continuous power delivery even at the highest output levels. A high-tech DSP optimises the driver response with millisecond precision, and high quality networks deliver the perfect integration of bass driver and tweeter for an accurate sound balance.


Pure from the Source

In order to liberate all of the music on your iPod/iPhone, i-deck takes the digital stream from your iPod/iPhone to its own high quality 28/56 bit dual precision DAC. By keeping data in the digital domain until the last seconds of processing, our engineers have succeeded in preserving the essence of the original digital master. From a digital source, through high speed conversion and bi-amplified C-CAM drivers, the sound from your iPod/iPhone reaches you in a purer, more dynamic and more lifelike condition, i-deck’s audiophile signal path leads to the remarkable sound quality you’ll notice immediately: a naturally rhythmic performance that distinguishes Monitor Audio from other brands.


デジタルソースから, 高速変換とBi-Ampにて駆動されたC-CAMドライバーを通る, どんなiPod/Phoneからのサウンドもよりピュアーで, よりダイナミックでより生きているような状態で到着する: i-deckのオーディオマニアへのシグナルパスは優れたサウンド品質を瞬時に届ける。   
The difference is i-deck

You’ll discover more than simple convenience in the two i-deck designs. No ordinary dock can compete, because i-deck chemistry is defined by the science of better sound. Its award-winning DNA gives you the easy way to enjoy all the music from your iPod/iPhone in any room. Wherever you are, whatever you play, i-deck will prove to be a refreshingly intuitive high quality audio experience!   

i-deck 100 オープン価格 (市場販売価格 \44,800, £299)

? 2 x 75mm C-CAM バスドライバー
? 2 x 19mm C-CAM ゴールドドームトウィーター
? 28/56 bit デュアルプレシジョン DAC
? コンピューターによるデジタルデータ処理
? 自社設計と独自アルゴリズムによるDSPコントロール
? Bi-amp 駆動: LF用 2 x 30W クラスDパワーアンプ
         HF用 2 x 15W クラスDパワーアンプ
? Automatic Position Correction (APC) システム
? IR リモコンユニットt
? PSU 内臓 8型電源コード ? パワーアダプター/ブロックがない!
? 3.5mm 外部入力ジャック
? フレキシブルdockコネクター採用 ? あらゆるiPod/iPhoneタイプをアダプターなしにて接続
? 自動充電機能 - iPod にも対応
? ドックアーム部は交換可
The svelte little i-deck 100 is bijou enough to blend with any space but can fill the largest rooms with an astonishingly clear fullfrequency sound, comparable with many full-sized hi-fi systems. Dock your iPod or iPhone and the i-deck 100 streams its pure digital signal to a high performance audio engine, comprising two 75mm C-CAM bass drivers individually powered by customised twin 30W class-D amplifiers, and two 19mm C-CAM Gold dome tweeters, each driven by precision-tuned 15W power modules. Yet the beauty is more than skin deep: each time you plug it in the i-deck 100 intelligently adjusts the sound to compensate for room-boom and positioning, so you’ll enjoy a wider, more natural performance than you’d expect from such a compact design. Whatever the space, whenever the opportunity, the stunning i-deck 100 tunes in and sends out a big, clean audio experience. 

As docks go, the i-deck 200 is set to stay as the premier compact sound system for music lovers. Concentrating all the fidelity of Monitor Audio’s awardwinning audio engineering within a supremely intuitive design, the i-deck 200 delivers the power to party and sublime convenience all-in-one. Endowed with the accurate wide-band sound of much larger traditional HiFi systems, yet with all the virtues of the dock system genre, the i-deck 200 establishes a new standard of performance for compact systems, breathtaking in its scale and quality. Dual 100mm C-CAM bass drivers individually powered by custom-configured 50W amplifiers and a brace of 25mm Gold dome tweeters, driven by precision-tailored 20W power amps will move the air like no other compact. You can rely on its innovative processing brain to generate the cleanest frequencies in any room from a purely digital iPod source. If you’re seeking the last word in musical expression from a dock design, the i-deck 200 will spell it out.  -

i-deck 200 オープン価格 (市場販売価格 \59,800, £399)

? 2 x 100 mm C-CAM バスドライバー
? 2 x 25mm C-CAM ゴールドドームトウィーター
? 28/56 bit デュアルプレシジョンDAC
? コンピューターによるデジタルデータ処理
? 自社設計と独自アルゴリズムによるDSPコントロール
? Bi-amp 駆動: LF用 2 x 50W クラスDパワーアンプ
         HF用 2 x 25W クラスDパワーアンプ
? Automatic Position Correction (APC) システム
? IR リモコンユニットt
? PSU 内臓 8型電源コード ? パワーアダプター/ブロックがない!
? 3.5mm 外部入力ジャック
? フレキシブルdock コネクター採用 ? あらゆるiPod/iPhoneタイプをアダプターなしにて接続
? 自動充電機能 - iPod にも対応

? ドックアーム部は交換可

Frequency Response

Maximum S.P.L (dBA)

Power Output

Driver complement

System Configuration

Auxiliary input impedance/sensitivty

Signal to Noise SNR

A.C input Voltage

Amplifier category

Power consumption


i-deck 100

80Hz - 25kHz

101.6 dBA

Bass 2 x 30 watts
Tweeter 2 x 15 watts

2 x 75mm (3”)
C-CAM metal cone bass driver

2 x 19mm (3/4”)
Gold C-CAM metal dome tweeter

2 way ported

10K Ohms/300mV


100-240v (auto range)

Class D

<0.33 watts (standby)
90 watts maximum

W32 x H21 x D24.5 cm

2.86 Kgs (6.3 lbs)
i-deck 200

60Hz - 30kHz

104 dBA

Bass 2 x 50 watts
Tweeter 2 x 20 watts

2 x 100mm (4”)
C-CAM metal cone bass driver

2 x 25mm (1”)
Gold C-CAM metal dome tweeter

2 way ported

10K Ohms/300mV


100-240v (auto range)

Class D

<0.33 watts (standby)
150 watts maximum

W54.5 x H21 x D25 cm

4.54 Kgs (10 lbs) 

Features at a glance

28/56 bit dual precision DAC
Micro-processor control and digital data handling
DSP control with in house designed and tuned algorithms
Innovative Automatic Position Correction (APC) system
Bass level management (BLM) - Maintains optimum sound balance at lower listening levels.
IR Remote Control Unit
3.5mm Auxiliary input jack for external sound sources including high performance WiFi dongles
Automatic intelligent charge feature - when iPod is docked.



New! i-deck plus black & white \39,800/£199

海外バンド・ラジオチューナー & ビディオ出力を装備
FM: 87.5-108.5 MHz
MW(AM): 522-1620KHz/9KHz step
MW(AM): 522KHz-1620KHz/10KHz step
S端子 Video Out put



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